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Spotlight on Leadership Lessons from The Donald

May 12, 2016
by Chris Ward

Spotlight on Leadership Lessons from The Donald

If you’ve never thought you could learn anything from Donald Trump, think again. Although your political views may not align, there’s no arguing that he has been running on a full tank of high-test strategic thinking. There are some valuable considerations to be made that pertain to what all of us do.

Here are 5 articles that spotlight the leadership insights and lessons we can learn from The Donald:

1. Business Strategy: 5 Things We Can Learn from The Donald

2. Everything We Bash Donald Trump for is Actually What We Seek in Leaders

3. 6 Key Leadership Traits Pope Francis and Donald Trump Share

4. 5 Things Donald Trump Can Teach Us About Leadership

5. The Trump in Every Leader

Let us know what you think. Have you been reminded of any powerful leadership qualities by The Donald? We'd love to hear from you, leave a comment below of tweet us at @stratretreats




Chris Ward is a Principal with StrategicRetreats and founder of Riverhorse Strategic Advisors. Over the past 20 years he has facilitated dozens of meetings, workshops and retreats and conducted more than 1,000 key informant interviews for organizations of all types and sizes. An expert in strategic planning and branding, he helps clients develop very specific plans to achieve corporate goals and own their space. 

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