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Adapting to change and remaining relevant
are challenges for many healthcare associations.

We can help.


National healthcare associations are being challenged to ensure their continued relevance, re-shape their value proposition to meet the needs of demographically different members, embrace and integrate technology, and lead in their field of speciality. Historically, many could rely on major supporters to fund their annual event and educational programs. However, with increased competition for funds, downward pressure on supporters’ revenues, and new conflict-of-interest guidelines, many are being forced to find different ways to fund their operations. 

For national healthcare associations, the times they are a-changin’!

Healthcare associations have many important roles. Not only do they act as independent sources of specialized expertise, developing and disseminating clinical studies and new guidelines, they have a unique ability to unite specialized professionals and speak on their behalf to payers and governments. Plus, they are well positioned to promote best practices and patient safety.

Nevertheless, many are being challenged to stake out path that matters to members and other stakeholders.  And changing times are necessitating new ways of financing and packaging up their offerings.

Different times require a different path.

At StrategicRetreats, we help healthcare associations stake out the path to a future they intend to own. We help clients better understand what stakeholders expect... dig in to uncover what members, former members, and other key stakeholders think of the association's strategic value. And we help leaders and Board members identify gaps between expectations and perceptions, clarify and prioritize member needs, and develop actionable strategies and highly focused action plans to ensure relevance.

Leaving your personal health to chance is not an option.
The same holds true for your association’s future.

A tried and proven process.

Our tried and proven planning process has helped a broad cross-section of associations achieve their desired future. Moreover, as a specialized and lean consultancy, we can do so quickly and cost-effectively. We help our association clients:

  • clarify what really matters to members, and others on whom the association’s future depends;
  • objectively and independently establish how well the association is living up to expectations;
  • develop a value proposition that resonates with key stakeholders;
  • identify gaps that must be closed, and provide actionable recommendations to close these gaps in the least amount of time, and at the lowest cost, possible;
  • develop a business strategy designed to achieve a desired future;
  • build a Magnetic Brand™ that speaks to key stakeholders and positions the association for success;
  • create a strategy for reaching out to and connecting with stakeholders; and
  • build morale and enhance member and employee engagement.

Our unwavering commitment.

When we take on an assignment we make an unwavering commitment to helping our client achieve a desired future three, five or more years down the road. Not only that, we’re committed to building a strategy that can and will be implemented.  

90-day action agenda.

A 90-day action agenda is an integral part of every strategy we develop. It’s the best way we know of ensuring that your strategy is understood by all who will be involved in its implementation, and that major strategic initiatives are transformed into understandable and doable tasks that can be accomplished in the 90 days following the approval of a plan is essential.

Operationalizing your strategy.

We are available to work with your team to operationalize your strategy, and to meet at regular intervals to keep things on track. Learn more.

Healthcare asssociations must adjust to systemic change.

Adding to the challenges faced by many healthcare associations are some fundamental changes affecting the entire healthcare field. For example: 

  • rapid advances in clinical practice and science that make it almost impossible to stay current;
  • extraordinary pressure on performance and quality outcomes that impact what "good" looks like;
  • increased patient expectations and demands;
  • rapid integration of technology, and issues around interoperability;
  • enhanced regulatory and licensure requirements for providers; and
  • huge budget cuts, and the need to do more with less.

While these threaten many associations, they also present opportunity. Identifying and formulating sound plans to deal with threats and opportunities is an important part of StrategicRetreats' strategic planning process.

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Meet one of our Associates

Sean Hayes, PsyD, MA

Dr. Sean Hayes is a Clinical Psychologist
with 25+ years of experience
in Healthcare and Healthcare 

He coaches and facilitates efficient change by targeting the behavioural and interpersonal dynamics among and between healthcare stakeholders, and facilitates the development of actionable interventions to enhance collaboration, team efficiencies and health outcomes. 

Sean's specialities include change dynamics, interprofessional team competencies, patient engagement and concordance, and stress management/coping skills.


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