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Build stronger relationships with customers, members, donors 

Ready to take your business to the next level? Need help engaging your employees in the task ahead? That’s exactly what our 7-step Branding Out™ System has been engineered to do.

[1]  Clarify your position

Great brands are built on solid information. Your customers know what matters to them, and how well you've been performing. Your employees are an untapped source of ideas for improving the customer experience. Targeted research can produce a wealth of insights. ValueCheck™ provides the actionable information you need.

[2]  Build a rock-solid foundation

The foundation of every high-performing brand rests on a clear mission and vision, and a shared set of aligned behaviours. These are essential to employee engagement – and your success.

[3]  Make your promise to perform

Your brand promise needs to address the question every would be customer has: "If I do what you want me to do, what's in it for me?" Give stakeholders a compelling reason for buying, joining, investing or donating. The promise needs to meet two tests: 1) Be compelling; and 2) Be fulfilled – every time. Business graveyards are full of organizations and products that didn’t fulfill their promises.

[4]  Drive your stake

What do you want people to think about your organization? What do you want them to do and say about your products or services? Here's your chance to stake out a compelling position that differentiates and resonates. Set goals. Be optimistic, but realistic. Remember test 2 above.

[5]  Plan to close gaps

The brand you have and the brand to which you aspire are likely different. A re-branding plan focuses on understanding and bridging the gaps between the two. It includes analyzing every part of your business for misalignments that send the wrong signals to employees, customers and other stakeholders – and then making the changes needed.

[6]  Dress for success

Once you’re living your brand, it’s time to look the part. A powerful visual identity, memorable slogan and well-designed digital and print communications will drive home your promise and position your brand for success. All heavyweight brands have a distinctive visual personality that resonates with stakeholders.

[7]  Now do it!

Turn your strategy and plans into hardworking programs and campaigns that drive home your key messages. Keep your employees informed and onside. No investment will pay out faster than training your people to adopt your brand behaviours – and rewarding those that do.

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