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5 Great Leadership Posts for Smart Executives

April 5, 2016
by Chris Ward

5 Great Leadership Posts for Smart Executives

This week we’ve put together a few of our favourite articles from around the web on Leadership.

1. A Harvard Psychologist Says Your Success in Any Situation Hinges on 3 Things

With research backed by Harvard Psychologist, Amy Cuddy, this article outlines the role that body language plays not only in leadership but in most situations. Making the mind-body connection that results in what Cuddy calls “presence” has the capacity to propel your success.

Have a look at the 3 things that people notice about you when you’re present and how this can boost your leadership skills.

2. One Essential to Building Great Organizations

Often at the core of any leadership role is building and maintaining great companies and organizations. This post brings things back around to one central and pivotal pillar of leadership. It also shares 15 ways to implement this concept.

Take a look at this one essential tip.

3. What Does Leadership Look Like in the Future of Work?

Leadership is always evolving, and with the rapid speed of innovation and change in large companies it pays to be forward looking and proactive in your self development as a leader. This great post covers everything from how leadership has changed over the past few years as well as topics like trends, diversity and how Millennials leaders are different.

Wondering about the future? This is well worth a listen. (It’s 75 minutes long, so you might want to listen to it on your commute.)

4. 11 Ways to Strengthen the Relationships That Will Lead You to Success

This post targets how relationships are paramount to a successful leader, moreover how most of the significant things we achieve are done in relationships with others. President and CEO of Lead From Within, Lolly Daskal offers 11 actionable ways to build and maintain significant relationships starting today.

5. 15 Proven Behaviours That Elevate Leaders

How you are perceived as an executive or leader is intrinsically linked to the effectiveness of your management. This post outlines and categorizes one’s behaviour and subsequent presence as a leader into character, substance and style and why you should care about these.

Read this and increase your effectiveness and opportunities to engage and inspire any team.

Let us know your favourite articles on Leadership.

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Chris Ward is a Principal with StrategicRetreats and founder of Riverhorse Strategic Advisors. Over the past 20 years he has facilitated dozens of meetings, workshops and retreats and conducted more than 1,000 key informant interviews for organizations of all types and sizes. An expert in strategic planning and branding, he helps clients develop very specific plans to achieve corporate goals and own their space. 

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